The SIEMENS  STRATOS Outstation provides UTMC OTU and MOVA functions on a modular platform in a compact form factor.

The main features of the Stratos Outstation are:

- MOVA7 and/or UTMC OTU functionality.
- User interface with the same look and feel as Siemens ST950 Traffic Controllers.
- Date stamped rolling log providing detailed history of events and faults.
- Uncomplicated web browser user interface capable of multi-language support.
- Support for up to 152 input and 50 output lines via I/O boards.
- In-situ firmware updates.
- A Mass Storage device (Known as the Heart) contains restore points for the Outstation
(firmware backups, configuration data, logs etc) allowing fast repair by board
replacement and Mass Storage device transfer.
- Extended features licensed through encrypted license card.
- Two Integrated Ethernet interfaces.
- Four USB Host interfaces for memory devices, license card readers, WiFi dongle,
optional RS232 handset adaptor.
- One USB Device interface for PC connection (web pages & command line interface).
- Mains powered with Inbuilt AC/DC Power supply.
- Internal 'last gasp' unit support battery.
- LV/ELV lamp supply monitor.
- Board interconnection via GSPI see section 4.2
- A detailed technical specification can be found in Appendix A.


NOTA : Para mayor información contactar a la empresa.

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